Start Up Your Dream is a practical entrepreneurship course for anyone who wants to start a business from scratch.

The entire course will be structured around  a simple business plan elaborating on the essential steps to start the business. All classes are designed accompany the student to take steps to create their business.

The group works together collective and collaborative learning, jointly so that in the end all students will have a tangible business.


Our key features


Truths and myths about entrepreneurship.

Why create a business with purpose?

Life purpose and business purpose.

Life design





What are the different types of business resources?

What business resources do you have?

What business resources will you need?

Making win-win partnerships?




The Collaborative and the Sharing Economy

Promote yourself

Find your dream client online and offline, for serving your client with pleasure. 



Innovative business models including digital nomads

How to make your business works for you

Structure and construct the business

Daily, weekly, and monthly planning

Action steps

Create your business


Launch your Business

Start Up Your Dream has 8 classes of two hours each:

Class 1: Personal and Business Purpose | Innovative business models.

Class 2: Resources  | Understanding what resources are and developing the matrix of abundance in which participants learn to generate resources between them.

Class 3:  Customers & Promoting my value and the value of my business|  Setting the dream client to have a pleasure serving.

Class 4: Creating networking & Learning about management models including traditional models, collaborative economy,  digital nomadism and others

Class 5: Focus and Objective Planning & Key tools that replace financial, commercial and administrative departments.

Class 6: Marketing / innovative and traditional ways to promote online and offline business by creating value. Go to action !!!

Class 7: Business presentation and feedbacks. Preparation and adjustments for the launch.

Class 6: Launch

Next groups: Starting on February 04th 2019 Ending on February 26th 2019
Class room classes: Every Monday and Wednesday from 7:30pm to 9:30pm (BRST)
Online: Every Monday and Wednesday from 5:30 PM to 7:30 PM (BRST) 7:30 PM to 9:30 PM (WET)

The facilitator: Marcelle Bottini


My greatest desire is to see entrepreneurs hearing and following the call of their souls. I believe the World could be taken care of by people earning money by accomplishing what they love with excellence.

I am the founder and CEO of a Brazilian language and culture school that supports foreigners and companies when arriving in Brazil for a swift and enriching adaptation. We practice organic and humanized management, I take care that the whole team is well paid and we measure success according to the school’s impact on the lives of our students and teachers.

For about almost three years now, I have been a digital nomad. This lifestyle allows me to experience new cultures, which is what I love. It also stimulates me to continuously innovate and diversify the school’s learning methods and foster the horizontal dimension of management. 

This all started when I was studying to become an international journalist eight years ago. I needed a job that would provide me with enough money to cover all my expenses – keeping a flexible schedule for my studies. I decided to start teaching Portuguese for foreigners. At first, I followed no specific approach and didn’t know exactly how consistent and comprehensive it could become. The many challenges of the beginning helped me to create an innovative methodology and business model. I rented a space in a co-working and I was learning to train new teachers. The business was developing in an organic way. We now work with several multinationals, have teachers in different parts of the World and carry out study programs with universities.