Cultural Immersion Experience is free for Fala Brasil students!!!

At Fala Brasil Portuguese language school, we understand that knowledge and experience go hand-in-hand. It’s by living Brazilian culture and interacting with locals that new arrivals really understand the diversity that makes up this country.

The Cultural Immersion Experience gives learners the opportunity to get to know daily life up-close, learn about the culture, observe local customs, and feel the authentic essence of Brazil.

Our cultural immersion activities are carried out with different expert partners, each of whom brings their own perspective and background. They share personal stories experiences and their rich knowledge, ensuring that learners experience every moment. In this way new arrivals gain a foot-hold in their new environment, seeing everything for themselves and hearing what Brazilians have to say.

Each experience focuses on something specific. For example a visit street market,  Brazilian music and dance or typical ingredients and flavours of Brazilian cuisine, going to special places that just locals knows, amongst others.These experiences create linguistic and educational exchanges through oral interaction. There are not a tourist experience.

The Cultural Immersion Experience isn’t compulsory; it is offered as an optional way to deepen cultural and linguistic understanding during the Portuguese Language course. 

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Cultural Immersion Programs

RIO LENSES ARE NOT AVAILABLE IN 2020. Write us for the 2021 calendar


Experience the backstage of Carioca art and culture through the eyes of its creators. 

A 24/7 experience with group activates and independent practical + theoretical modules: Rio From the Favela, Inside the Carnival and Brazilian Culture and Rio Your Next Stop.

Rio Lenses is made for lovers, students of art and architecture, urbanists, social entrepreneurs, journalists, tourism professionals and the just-plain-curious. . Through practical experiences you will learn a new perspective on creating music and art, producing culture, doing business and life in the Marvelous City.

Rio Lenses offers a true immersion into Brazilian culture, allowing the student to get to know Rio de Janeiro from a new perspective, interact with Cariocas and understand up-close the local environment. These courses are a genuine cultural exchange. The student will strengthen their relationship with the city, while at the same time broadening their cultural and historical knowledge of the region. In each module, the student will be exposed to a new and unforgettable experience.

Besides learning we ensure a lot of fun in our wonderful city. The week will be full of city tours, visits, encounters with locals and experiences in the city day and night, all included in the costs of Rio Lenses. On the weekends we will have optional activities that will be charged separately, including: surf lessons, and trips to the many beautiful mountain and coastal cities close to Rio.

The theoretical classes take place on-site at FACHA (Faculdades Hélio Alonso) and at Fala Brasil School and cover the following modules: Rio from The Favela; Carnival and Brazilian Culture and Your Next Stop Rio. 

“Seeing the city through another perspective”
(One month – In English)

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Get to know different Favelas in Rio in a practical, immersive and profound way. 

Main practical experiences:
-Golden Skills – 6 hours Portuguese classes
-Intercultural workshop
-Tours with locals in different favelas
-Meals and traditional barbecue in favelas
-Experiences in several favela-based social businesses that address:
-Sustainability, feeding, reforestation, eco-tourism
-Visit a class in the favela Media Observatory.
-World Café
-Concerts with local artists.
-Artistic experience.

The course will cover the topics:

– The historical context of the favelas in Brazil and Rio de Janeiro; the construction of the favelas, the politics of eviction and land formalization.
– Favelas and the City: Urbanisation, urban projects and city law.
– Public and private interventions: UPP – (Unidade de Policia Pacificadora) – and their safety policies,
-tourism (positive and negative impacts) and favela entrepreneurship.
– Urban mobility: the challenges of moving around inside and outside of the communities.
– Citizenship: memory (as a tool for confirming the city’s law), favela identity (stereotypes and their effects on self-esteem)


DAY 1. Welcome
Programme opening
Sightseeing visits in Rio

DAY 2- Intercultural workshop (4 hours)

DAY 3. About Rio de Janeiro:
Visit: Plaza Mauá complex (Plaza, Museum of Art of Rio—MAR—and Museum of Tomorrow) and Cemitério dos Pretos Novos, a black history museum.
This area of ​​the city is a good representation of the way Rio has tried to reinvent itself as an “entrepreneurial city” (a concept put forth by David Harvey) and how this construction of a “new city” does not often dialogue with the history of the place and its symbols. Therefore, we will visit in the same day, from these three spaces: MAR, Museum of Tomorrow and Cemitério dos Pretos Novos.

DAY 4. About Rio de Janeiro and its Favelas – Theoretical Class
Historical context of Rio de Janeiro’s favelas, as a specific urban phenomenon of our city: naturally, architectural aspects come into play, from everyday solutions to the conduct of life in general. We examine the concept of the favela as an inventive power.

Golden Skills – Portuguese class for day-to-day communication (3 hours)

DAY 5. Lunch in Babylon
Golden Skills – Portuguese class for day-to-day communication (3 hours)

DAY 6 and 7. Weekend. Free time. Activity suggestions

DAY 8. UPPs – Theoretical Class
Project from a perspective that systematizes an exact form – already failed – of intervention in Rio’s so-called pacified favelas. An examination of numbers and the meaning that the public power announced.

DAY 9, 10, 11 and 12 – Entrepreneurship in Rio de Janeiro favelas
The projects speak for themselves.

Experience our projects:
• Santa Marta: Brazilidade – Local tourism: Tour – 3 hours
• Rocinha: 1 Caminhos do Lagarto (Pathways of the Lizard) – Local tourism: Tour of the favela and the Tijuca Forest. 2- Rocinha Guest House: Sleep for one night in Brazil’s largest favela. 3- Lunch at the local restaurant. 4- Green Favela: learn about this social enterprise.
• Favela Organica: A classroom of sustainable cuisine.
• Among other seasonal projects.

DAY 13 and 14- Weekend – free

Day 15 World Café – Favela & Entrepreneurship

Day 16 – group activity in the city of Rio de Janeiro

DAY 17, 18 and 19 – Cultural production in Rio de Janeiro favelas
A historical reflection on the cultural production of favelas (think of these territories as the cradle of some languages, such as samba, funk, passinho, etc.) and especially about the cultural productions of favela youth.

Experience: meet the artists and the arts. See presentations and concerts, talk with artists – 6 hours divided between different arts and artists.

Day 20 and 21: Free weekend. Suggestion of activities

Day 23: World Café – Favela & cultural production

Day 24: Media
EXPOCC – Popular Experience of Critical Communication, which is a project of the Favelas Observatory, and alternative communication vehicles in favelas, in general.
Youth journal of the Complexo do Alemão – called the Voice of the Community.

Day 25: World Cafe on the media
Day 26: Group activity in the city
Day 28: Closing activity.

Instruction led by different teachers from the Favelas.

Sheila Souza is the founder and entrepreneur behind Brazilidade. She studied Tourism and Business and has long
experience as a favela tour-guide for European and Latin American institutions. Her professional career began in 1992, and in 2010 she founded Brazilidade, as a pioneering tourism company in the Santa Marta Favela, where she was born and raised.

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“The origins, the science and the magic”
(One month – In English)

The origins, the science and the magic. A realistic and amusing insider’s view of the backstage at the biggest show in the world and how it relates to the Carioca spirit and culture. A journey to the heart of Rio de Janeiro!

carnaval page Get to know the backstage of the samba school preparation for carnival. The music, the rehearsals (theoretical and practical class), the unbelievable production of the costumes, the floats, and carnival’s relation to the Carioca spirit and culture. Also get in touch with aspects of Carioca culture such as: capoeira (theoretical and practical class), street art, history of samba and bossa nova, important figures, gastronomy in the samba (theoretical and practical class), the samba school drums and dance, the famous ‘marchinhas’ and street parades that rule the Carioca street carnival and transform the city into a huge and colorful dancing kaleidoscope. This course will leave you with a grounding in the roots of Carioca culture and lifestyle.

The course will cover the topics:

– How to understand the carioca/carnival culture through the stories, characters and scenes of carnival and samba.
– Learning the basic concepts of how carnival is planned and created, and the relation with the favelas and the city.
– Art and Design: tradition versus modernity. Old styles and new trends.
– The “City of Samba”. Inside the carnival industry.
– The history of the samba and its relation with the city geography.
– Sambódromo. Oscar Niemeyer. Where the show happens.
– Movies + documentaries such as “Damas do Samba” and Clara Nunes.

Instruction led by:
Renata Valle Alzuguir. Bachelor in Social Communication majoring in advertising, with international experience in editorial and graphic design. Specialization in carnaval at PUC/RJ. Researcher of samba, carnival and cultural expressions of Rio de Janeiro, as well as researcher of the city’s new identity and branding.

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Where: The courses take place at  Faculdade Hélio Alonso – faculty (Rua Muniz Barreto 51 – Botafogo | Rio de Janeiro – RJ) and at Fala Brasil School ( Rua Gago Coutinho 6 , casa 11 – Laranjeiras | Rio de Janeiro – RJ) including some practical experiences in some areas around Rio de Janeiro.

Accommodation:It is for rooms in apartments selected in advance by the programme team. All buildings are in safe areas, easy to access, close to the faculty and with good transport connections. The price includes bedding, towels and a weekly laundry service. Residents can use kitchen facilities and all other areas of the building.

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Portuguese language and Brazilian culture course

Portuguese language and Brazilian culture course



Fala Brasil developed Your Next Stop Rio, an innovative course about Portuguese language and Brazilian culture in which the classes are personalized and include incredible experiences at the Marvelous City.

Over the course of 1 month students are immersed in various authentic Brazilian environments in a practical, intensive way.

Brazilian music, people and food – Favela – Carnaval and others

Accommodation:It is for rooms in apartments selected in advance by the programme team. All buildings are in safe areas, easy to access, close to the faculty and with good transport connections. The price includes bedding, towels and a weekly laundry service. Residents can use kitchen facilities and all other areas of the building.

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