The Fala Brasil Portuguese Academy specialises in teaching Corporate Portuguese for people who are interested in conducting business in Portuguese speaking countries. To that end, in addition to providing your staff with individualised language classes, our courses also include lessons on Brazilian business culture to ensure that your people not only speak the right language for your clients, they also know how to use it culturally in the right way to foster higher trust and form stronger business relationships. 

Doing Business face-to-face in a new country for the first time isn’t always easy due to the language barrier and cultural differences. Many people who are transferred to Brazil from abroad can find the new environment challenging, affecting confidence and work performance.

The Fala Brasil Methodology is based on Neurolanguage. This allows for the creation of creative and dynamic classes for your employees that focus on what a student specifically needs to do their job, then tailoring the course to match how they learn best.


Fala Brasil’s classes use a dynamic, innovative and interactive method. They combine traditional grammar with neuro-linguistic exercises presented in a visual way that facilitate rapid. Students incorporate theory in practical way, with the chance to complete their learning vthrough interactive experiences with Brazilians in a variety of real-life situations.

Fala Brasil offers a comprehensive programme with STREET SMARTS for your fist days in Brasil, Basic, Intermediate, Advanced and Fluent levels.

The language and culture teaching is carried out bearing in mind the linguistic and cultural needs of the learner at each stage of their integration into their new country.

The course starts with introductory classes for recent arrivals; with vocabulary, simple grammatical structures and specific knowledge that provide survival skills in both personal and professional life.

  • Street Smarts is a set of introductory classes for recent arrivals; with vocabulary, simple grammatical structures and specific knowledge that provide survival skills for both personal and professional life.
  • The basic level expands upon the introductory classes. The focus is on speaking effectively in various situations and increasing competency in day-to-day activities.
  • At intermediate level the learner has already managed to begin communicating and interacting. What they need now is to develop their communication skills by exploring new vocabulary and better understanding their environment. We help students to  comprehend local customs that can act as cultural barriers when not properly understood
  • In the advanced level the learner can already communicate with ease and demonstrates good understanding. It’s now necessary to refine their linguistic skills by looking at new ways of speaking and understanding, and to deepen their cultural understanding yet further.

About our Classes  

We understand that each company has its own demands: for this reason we offer personalised packages, based on the needs and availability of its employees. Classes can be individual or in group, and can take place either at Fala Brasil oral your offices.

It’s also possible to incorporate our specialised cultural immersion programmes .

Write us and ask for a personalised proposal for your company  fala@falabrasilschool.com

We also offer a document translation and live translation service as and when required.

For students with specific career and life goals, we offer personalised Portuguese technical courses and business Portuguese. These are focused on socio-cultural understanding and relevant vocabulary in the student’s specific area of interest.


Classes designed for structuring a business according to the Business Model Canvas (a business model design tool), support with networking, developing story-telling for your brand and understanding of local laws and bureaucracy.



These classes explore Brazilian current affairs that have international repercussions. This is done both theoretically using news and video sources; and practically through students conducting interviews and making news reports using the in-depth knowledge needed, and trained with couching in vocabulary and local context.


Preparatory classes with appropriate material for the Celpe-Bras exam; a state-recognised qualification for proficiency in Portuguese as a foreign language.


Theoretical and practical preparation for job interviews


Course with materials focused on preparation for work in specific sector.


Other options can be adapted  to the needs of the group. For example, classes focusing on marketing or logistics.


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