Online class in any location in any timezone

Take advantage of the quarantine to learn Portuguese and about Brazilian culture through incredible conversations and experiences.

Fala Brasil School has developed a practical and dynamic methodology for online classes that focuses on fast, efficient and structured learning that is also fun.

Based on the needs and interests of each student, experienced professors not only transmit linguistic tools but also prepare the student to adapt to brazilian culture in a smooth and natural way.

Classes take place through a sophisticated but user -friendly platform that allows content sharing, class recording and clear communication between instructor and student.


All courses have individual and group tuition options



Do you work or have relationships with Brazilians? If so, this course was designed for you to understand our culture and improve your relationships.


Cultural values (comparing cultures)

Examining common stereotypes

Concept of time in Brazil

Role of the Brazilian family in education

Direct and Indirect Communication

Cultural gaffes / What to avoid

How Brazil works: culture, history, bureaucracies, Brazilian way.

Among others


The content was developed by Fala Brasil professionals over the last 8 years, understanding the main challenges for interaction between Brazilians and foreigners. The themes are exposed in a dynamic and fun way and are then discussed by the students. The focus is on bringing clarity so that the relationship is positive for both.

“Interculturalism refers to the interaction between cultures in a reciprocal way, favoring their coexistence and integration based on a relationship founded on respect for diversity and mutual enrichment.”

Once a week for 1h:30m


The Cultural Immersion Experience provides students the opportunity to learn about Brazilian culture, and understand our customs in order to feel the true Brazilian essence.

Each experience is focused on a specific theme of Brazilian culture, such as conversations with musicians, artists, writers, and other important names in Brazilian culture.

The program aims to generate an exchange between Brazilians and other students.

Meet once a week for 1h:30m


Meet people from different parts of the world while developing your Portuguese by speaking on different topics.
Conversation class: Meet people from different parts of the world while  developing your Portuguese speaking on different topics.

Meet twice a week for 1h:30m


  • Grammatical structure focusing on practical communication
  • Customized classes based on each student’s interests in the country.
  • Methodology based on neuro-linguistic tools for effective learning
  • Practical methodology
  • Focus on speaking from the outset.

Get to know Fala Brasil’s class levels

SURVIVAL PORTUGUESE for your first days in Brazil

15 hours

Introductory module with communication strategies for basic needs. Ideal for recently arrived visitors and expats or for those wanting a fast and efficient preparation before a trip to Brazil. The class is set up so that, in a few hours, the student is able to communicate in day-to-day situations using vocabulary and simple grammatical structures in addition to specific content related to each student’s target location in Brazil. For example: how to order in a restaurant, to ask questions, to introduce oneself, to ask for information and to call a taxi. Brazilian culinary traditions, shopping and other topics will also be explored.


Every level has 3 modules

Basic 1 (18 hours)

Basic 2 (18 hours)

Basic 3 ( 18 hours)

With a focus on speaking and being able to communicate independently, the basic levels work on efficient expression and basic comprehension in daily situations. The student will learn about the basic characteristics of modern Brazilian culture as well as contextualized history to help with language comprehension and to present a comprehensive view of the country.


Every level has 3 modules

Intermediate 1 (18 hours)

Intermediate 2 (18 hours)

Intermediate 3 ( 18 hours)

The intermediate level focuses on connecting ideas and development of verbal communication, exploration of new vocabulary and more complex grammatical structures. As the level of learning of Portuguese increases, cultural knowledge also deepens both in general and  with respect to specific contextualized vocabulary for each student. Here the student will be prepared to communicate in diverse situations, including group conversations, and will learn to create presentations etc.


Every level has 3 modules

Advanced 1 (18 hours)

Advanced 2 (18 hours)

Advanced 3 ( 18 hours)

The advanced student already is able to communicate comfortably and demonstrates a good understanding of the language. With a focus on dominating the language and increased confidence, the advanced level brings improved language skills, exploration of more complex forms of communication and promotes more accurate reflection on brazilian culture.

Your online Portuguese class can be personalized without additional costs.

Online Portuguese for traveling in Brazil

After learning where you plan to travel and what are your areas of interest, the instructor will develop lesson plans based on

  • Simple day-to-day communication
  • Local culture and history
  • Local expressions and dialects
  • Tips that only locals know
  • Local food culture
  • Travelling around Brasil: What does each region offer and how to get from one place to another
  • Best things to do in the area of Brazil chosen by the student

Online Portuguese for business in Brazil

  • Portuguese training for sales
  • Portuguese training for giving presentations
  • Training for business meetings
  • Individual and group business conversation
  • Writing emails, reports, documents and contracts
  • Intercultural business relationships
  • Understanding the Brazilian business environment
  • Getting to know great local sites and restaurants

Online Portuguese for daily life in Brazil

  • Simple communication for day-to-day life
  • Portuguese for shopping
  • Portuguese for finding an apartment
  • Portuguese for meeting people
  • Understanding Brazilians and Brazilian culture
  • Historia and culture of Brazil
  • Deeply explore the region where the student lives: history, culture, local tips and what to do in the area

All this with total freedom to have class anytime, anywhere!

Whether visiting Brazil for vacation, to study, to work or for those who want to master the language without leaving their home country, online classes are a practical and efficient solution.