At Fala Brasil, we teach Portuguese in a dynamic, innovative and efficient way. Our courses build the bridge between the student and Brazilian life that allows them to interact with society.


With an interactive methodology based on neurolinguistics, we apply technical knowledge that facilitates the learner’s speaking skills and the quick, easy comprehension of spoken and written Portuguese. This then transferred to real-life situations, thus optimising the learning process in a fast, playfull way.


Another big advantage of our methodology is the way it uses the learner’s pre-existing knowledge to facilitate learning of new information.


We combine traditional grammar with neurolinguistic exercises using visual materials. This approach allows the learner to incorporate theory in a practical way, before giving them the opportunity to complete their learning with authentic real-life experiences with Brazilians in a variety of situations.

Golden Skills Course

How do you order a meal in a restaurant? How do you ask for directions to get to a specific tourist attraction or meeting place?

How do you get a taxi driver to get you to your desired destination? It’s these type of everyday situations that initially worries new visitors to Brazil. With this in mind, we’ve created the starting module ‘Survival Skills Course For Your First Days in Brazil’. This consists of theoretical and practical introductory classes, focused on the basic needs of foreigners that don’t yet speak any Portuguese at all, but who need to learn quickly how to communicate with Brazilians in day-to-day situations.

Cultural Immersion Experience

Cultural immersion is a powerful learning tool which facilitates Portuguese learning skills by connecting theoretical knowledge to interaction with local residents and their history, habits, customs, and lives.

Students learn relevant vocabulary and cultural context before applying it to authentic experiences. The Cultural Immersion Experience element is an option that we offer to foreigners that want to understand and live these experiences up-close. 

In line with the fundamental concept of our methodology, our didactic material is created by FALA BRASIL’S teachers and pedagogues. This process also often includes our cultural experience partners, who are key to the learners’ understanding of real-life situations. This approach means we are side-by-side with our students every step of the way of their learning process; from the classroom to their cultural and linguistic real-life interactions. Fala Brasil takes on the role of spokesperson for Brazilian life and culture.

Our courses empower our students and make them more independent in their lives in Brazil.

When language learning is combined with cultural immersion and interaction with locals, it reinforces the importance of intercultural exchange and sharing experiences. This allows our students to really feel part of Brazilian society.


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